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Why don't people like Michael Jackson?
Why isn't Stevie Wonder on the radio all the time?

why isn't Roberta Flack the right person at the right time?

who really talks to me?

who do I talk to?

who is taking the piss?

(OMG - is it me?)

Alex Danchev on Start The Week (Radio 4, UK, January 2011) talked about his new book which compiles 100 art manifestos. He pointed out that “unstable” politics characterised the likes of the Vorticists, Futurists and Modernists from Italy and France to Russia and Britain, and, as a result, many swung to the right like Lewis and Pound [editors of BLAST] out of naive revolutionary zeal.
  • realising i didn't know what i wanted, and that what drove me to make these animations could only be realised through their making.
  • that the videos are sometimes surveillance.
  • that I am profoundly left-handed.
  • interacting with people in a way I had never done before
  • revealing my way of working and putting it up for scrutiny
  • accepting that it is impossible to just look
  • taking part in interpretation
RECORD meant
  • exposing myself as a person who is taking notes
  • finding ways to be explicit about exchanges
  • balancing rights and responsibilities
  • being conscious that any movement before the right time would be disasterous
  • that text is helpful to the process
SCULPT meant
  • doing something constructive
  • evaluating notions of audience, participation and personal intervention
RE-ENACT meant
  • constructing six art pieces under the same theme, for exhibition
  • making this documentation for evaluation
Lavern Bryant
Titus Charles
Chris Davies
Philip Duncan
Louise Garvey
Yvonne Hinds
Lubaina Himid
Pam Holmes
Barry Johnrose
Catherine Johnrose
Clita Johnrose
David Knight
Jean Lindsay
Gail Miller
Jamace Miller
Adrian Murrell
Maria Paul
Charles Quick
Rachel Riggs
Sonia Sampson
Steven Siwiak
Elaine Speight
Frances Skerritt
Gabby Tyrell

Round and round
the rugged rock
The ragged rascal ran,
How many R's are in that?
Tell me if you can.

Traditional English nursery rhyme